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Frequently Asked Questions

Elhoo is an invoicing tool that is intended to be the easiest to use in order to make life easier for entrepreneurs. It brings together all the functionalities necessary for the proper management of an accounting. Indeed, with elhoo, it becomes easy to create, send, edit, etc. quotes, invoices, purchase orders etc. With elhoo you even have the possibility to schedule invoices which will be sent whenever you want. In addition, you will be able to create an unlimited number of users in the application. Finally, elhoo is available at a very affordable and very competitive price!
Elhoo will only cost you 150 € (excluding VAT), which you will pay in one time and for one year! Still hesitating? Then you can use elhoo for free for two weeks!
Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay elhoo per month. The annual payment allows you not to have to sign a direct debit and ensures you not to forget your payment and therefore not to see your access blocked.
Elhoo is a web application whose security is ensured on application side AND server side. Our databases are 100% encrypted and hosted on different servers!
The accepted payment methods are: Visa, MasterCard, Bancontact.
You can find and download the app in the play store and the app store. With the app, you can access all your data in a few seconds, wherever you are. That's what elhoo is all about: having quick and easy access to all the info you need.
Yes, you can enter your purchase invoices manually in elhoo. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you do so in order to make the most of elhoo's features such as the VAT balance, margin calculation, accounting export, etc.
Yes, elhoo is accessible from any device, operating system or search engine. Just go to the login page to access your data from anywhere.
Invoice numbers must always (by law!) be consecutive. Therefore, an invoice may never be deleted. However, you can modify invoices (if the invoice has not already been reconciled). This means that the next time an invoice needs to be sent, you will have the option to fully modify the invoice and send it to the new recipient. Example: I have created a test invoice 2020/001. But I can't delete it... I'm going to leave this invoice as it is until I actually need to invoice one of my services. When the opportunity arises, I'll log in to elhoo, go to invoice 2020/001 and fully edit it to send to my client. That way I have 'recycled' invoice 2020/001 and will have no inconsistencies with my invoice numbers and accounting.

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Sophia B.

This app came into my life as an entrepreneur at the very good moment. My company was at a crossroads in its growth and I think that without this app I would not have been able to rebound so well!

Julien F.

Thanks to elhoo, my claims have decreased considerably! As an SME manager, I no longer had the time to follow up on my invoices every day. Now elhoo takes care of everything. It is an excellent and easy to use tool.